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'The Juicy, Joyful Jumpstart' has now ended!

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It is the FREE 5 day coaching experience for:

  • Mummies who are ready to shrug off the shoulds and break out of the boxes to live life on their own terms.

  • Who are ready to swap chaos for calm this Christmas (and beyond).

  • Who are ready to start enJOYing rather than enduring their kids, motherhood and life itself.

  • Who are ready to live more, laugh more and love more

  • Who are ready to come ALIVE and stop just living day to day.
Yup that's me I want in!

During these 5 days you will learn:

  • How the world we live in keeps you feeling stuck, frustrated and joyless why it's not your fault AND what to do about it 

  • How come you keep feeling walked all over AND how to stop it happening (and NOT just for Christmas!)

  • The 5 pillars of my unique Rewilding Motherhood Roadmap to squeezing as much juicy joy out of life as possible EVEN IF shit's hitting the fan / your kids aren't listening / your partner's a dick / Chirstmas overwhelm is REAL right now.

  • Where you’ve been squashing your TRUE nature, how that’s been robbing your joy AND how to tune back into it to live more, laugh more & love (yourSELF, motherhood, life the universe & everything) more.

  • The 5 best, simple and instant happiness boosters you can use to ramp up the pleasure (even if that feels impossible right now)
Oh my gosh I need this

This is a FREE event hosted over facebook & Zoom...

  • I will be going live for about an hour every day on Zoom.  If you can't make it live, replays will be available until a few days after the week ends so plenty of time to catch up.

  • (Christmas jumpers aren't essential but are highly encouraged.)

  • There'll be loads of action going on inside the free facebook group outside of the Zoom meets for even more juicy joyfulness...AND you don't need facebook to join us.

  • You'll have a workbook to note and embed what you learn as you go.

  • The Jumpstart playlist by itself is guaranteed to ramp up your joy levels.

  • This week is LIFE CHANGING on so many levels...so get involved.

Hey There!

I'm Emma and I'm mummy to one crazy wildling and owner & founder of Courage & Chamomile. Having broken out of my own box to find more wild-hearted purpose & open hearted joy, I am passionate about empowering mums like you to do the same, to believe in and become your FULL self beyond motherhood & to consciously curate the more aligned, balanced, meaningful and fulfilling life you desire AND deserve...and in so doing pave the way and set the example for our children to do the same. Let's do this lady!

OK I'm in!

"It was the most life changing challenge I've ever been on... It spoke to me on so many different levels and it has genuinely changed my life.

It is absolutely incredible, it is packed full of value.

If you're wondering whether it's worth your time...

...do it.

It is worth your time and more."

-Sarah, mummy & business owner.

Take me to the Jumpstart

The Juicy Joyful Jumpstart is for you if you are a mum who is

READY for life to feel more juicy & joyful right now

READY for more pleasure, passion, purpose AND play

READY to stop snapping at your kids and start enJOYing life...

Enough is enough, it’s YOUR time now. You ready?

I'm ready, let's do this!

I'm in! (Next time)

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