An intimate, 9 month, guided journey for courageous mothers who are ready to explore, love & BECOME the most fully alive, unapologetic version of the woman they're really here to be.

Entry into this carefully curated circle is by invitation/application only via the link below.



I want you to know that this isn't your average info page. 


This is a plea.  A rallying cry. A call to arms.

This a love letter, from my heart to yours.  From my soul to yours.


So if you're trying to do 15 other things whilst also reading this, stop it.

Stop.  Pause.  Breathe.


and read..

I see you.


I see the real you... not that good girl version of you with all the people pleasing & perfectionism you’ve been hiding behind.  

I’m talking to the incredible, unfiltered version of you who is absolutely desperate to come out now.

I know she’s in there. I know you feel it too.

A deep inner knowing, a longing, an aching. A hunger, a thirst...

...for MORE


You can't help feeling that you were meant for more.  That there is more inside of you. That there is more out there.  That there is more to life than this...

I want you to know there IS more to life...

You're just not quite sure what, or where, or how to get at it. 


But you do know you’re ready to TRY.


You're ready to break free from the years and years of doing the right thing and fitting in.

Ready to break free from those masks you've been hiding behind.  That shell you’ve been hiding in, staying safe, and small.


  • Ready to wake up
  • To find your voice
  • To shed the shoulds
  • To step outside the realm of what is and uncover what could be
  • To let go
  • To break free from the shackles of life as it has been... 


...Until now.


Maybe you’ve already started, you've already tried a few things:

Bought a whole heap of books?

Some personal development work?

Taken some classes?

Had some therapy? 

You’ve written the affirmations, you’re journaling, maybe you’ve even got the cards and crystals?


You’re trying all the things. 


But it’s a bit lonely.  And directionless. 


And none of it really seems to stick.




You crave space to fully explore it all, to play more, to create more, safely, with people who get it, who get you, who are standing right there beside you and are ready to jump into it all and journey with you. 

So you can come home to YOU. 

To remembHer the truth of who you really are beyond a mother, a daughter, a partner, friend, employee, wife... and all those other neat little boxes we’ve woken up and found ourselves in. This time is yours now.

It’s time for you to BECOME.


"Emma has the effortless ability to switch a light on and shine the way through a path that was always there, but you couldn’t see it before…

She helped me find my own light so that I can continue on this journey confidently and with pride in myself."


- Kerry, superstar mummy to 3 (with complex needs) & freelance photographer



the intimate, empowering, guided journey for mothers who are ready for more.

We will journey together over 12 months with breaks for school holidays, gathering weekly across 4 distinct types of circle with a potent blend of teaching, coaching, mentoring, embodiment and sisterhood community. .


During our Wisdom circles we will dive deep into our inner archetypes, harnessing our cycles, balancing feminine & masculine energies,  getting fluent in love languages, reparenting our inner child & so much more to INSPIRE & INFORM our journey.

Our Mothermind Circles will give us the space to REFLECT on, discuss & apply the wisdom & knowledge, taking it from our heads and into our own, real lives and in real time.

Our New Moon Circles are a time for us to share together, to see, hear and support each other as we set the intention to EMBODY our learning moving forward into the next lunar cycle and into the next chapter of our journey and our lives. Full Moon Dance parties are our time for celebration and gratitude.

During Coaching Circles you will be guided to RELEASE the blocks & stories holding you back, clearing space for you to integrate everything we've been learning and discussing along the way and setting into motion new ways of believing and being.




Private Become Members Community spaces for ongoing communication & sisterhood between us, to share, digest, discuss & support in between sessions and private wisdom hub containing all materials and content.


Reading list of inspiring, powerful, feminine texts; a curated music playlist and regular journaling prompts.


Regular breathwork sessions & inspiration from carefully selected expert guests in modalities such as EFT, hypnotherapy, wild art journaling & more.

Access to all the Juicy Joyful Jumpstart replays, The Conscious Curation System and the RISE lunar cycle wisdom program that helps you understand how your cycle meets the moons.


Learn to know yourself, trust yourself, love yourself...


My intention for you when you join me inside become is for you to learn to know yourself, trust yourself, love yourself and live to the beat of your own drum.

To trust your own decisions over those borrowed from others. 

To become the architect of your own life rather than the one everyone else thinks you should have, the one you’ve somehow woken up and found yourself in.  

To step out of the fog, to step up and step into the circle knowing that you’re safe, that all of you is welcome.


That there is nothing for you to do other than just be. Who. you. Are...whatever that looks like, whatever that feels like.  


To take up the time and the space to stop. Pause. Breathe and those quiet inner whispers, to those nudges.  

To step out of martyrdom and into your magic.

"I had reached a black void that didn't feel much like hope. Burnt out, unable to see the wood for the trees. Life paralysis. I was stuck in the dark, desperate for somebody to save me.
And then came Emma.
Emma has blown upon the embers of my own magic, lighting the way like a beacon while gently, firmly, kindly encouraging me to keep moving. To keep burning. Showing me that I could and would be the one to save myself.
She makes sure that all the steps are my own, so I never fall backwards and she shows the courage to move forward always. She has helped me remember my own power & faith to shape my life, as a woman and as a mother.
Emma has walked me home, and we're only just beginning."


- Charlotte, homeschooling, complex needs mummy to 2



I’m Emma While, mummy to one crazy, gorgeous wildling, an early years & adult learning specialist, positive psychology geek, lover of squirrels, wild swimmer, NLP practitioner, mindfulness teacher and transformation & empowerment coach for mums ready for MORE.

And a few years ago I felt trapped in a life that looked amazing on the outside, but inside I was slowly wasting away.

Even though I loved my little one and my family, and was committed to my career, I KNEW deep down that there had to be more than going through the motions every day. 

But in the first few years of my son’s lives, it felt like I had become completely invisible, even to myself.

I wasn’t looking after myself, eating how I wanted to eat, doing any of the things I wanted to do, I wasn’t moving my body, drinking enough water, seeing friends, making time for my husband...nothing.

And I blamed all of it on motherhood and lack of sleep.  

Until I realised I’d actually spent about as much of my adult life as I could remember trying to work out who I was, even before motherhood.  Trying to understand mySELF outside of my relationships, my work, my circles..outside of how I work or who I love.

For as long as I could remember all I’d ever done was try to belong, to fit in. 

I morphed and squashed myself to fit in with the people around me, assuming that for some reason their version was better than my version.  That what others wanted to hear was more important than what I had to say. 

That it was safer to break my own spirit than to shatter their image of me.  To silence myself rather than offend anybody.

That if I didn’t somehow act how I think I ‘should’ act, that I’d get it wrong, I wouldn’t be good enough, I'd be rejected, abandoned.

That I’d be too much. That I wouldn’t belong.

And when I realised the extent of this bullshit cage I’d built for myself, I decided it was high time to do something about it.

And so I set about remembHERing.  Remembering who I was. 

Doing things MY way, not the way society said I had to or that the books recommended.

I had to overcome my own tendency for overwhelm.

I had to find all those bits I’d lost or voice, my passion, my purpose, mySELF.

I became willing to trust and follow my instincts to become the whole, fully expressed, joyful, authentic woman I am today.


"At times when I feel like I have nowhere to turn, Emma has been on the other end of a message...I have felt empowered every step of the way.

I’ve felt like I can shine a light from my chest with every deep breath.

Emma has empowered me to have the confidence to find my true path"


- Caroline, amazing working mummy & autism specialist

And I want that for you.


Because I am sick and tired of talking to women who feel sick and tired of living life like this and believing that’s just the way it’s supposed to be

Women who are being less than. Being made to feel less than. ALLOWING themselves to feel like this.


Putting the power of their happiness, putting their power full stop in other people’s hands.


Censoring and silencing themselves. Not speaking their mind, from their heart, their truth for fear of who it will upset. Which boats it will rock. 

Paralysed by mum guilt, good girl syndrome, imposter syndrome, by trying to be the perfect daughter, wife, employee. 

Hiding their true colours. Squashing their true desires. Settling. BORED. 

Toeing the line. And resenting it. 

Wearing the right uniform. Saying the right things in the right way. Doing the right thing. 

Closing down anything ‘other’. Anything too loud, too brash. Too creative. Too woo. Too out there. 

That is not living.  That is merely existing.

 As mothers we've been conditioned to spend our entire lives, time and energy on our children, on our work, our relationships...until, well, what is there left for you?

Where are YOU in that scenario?


Lost.  You feel lost.


Inside Become I will guide you home to YOU. I will guide you...

  • to find your voice, your passion, your purpose, you power, yourSELF
  • to write and tell a different story now, from a place of “imagination, not indoctrination” (Glennon Doyle)
  • to consciously, courageously and compassionately commit to yourSELF now
  • to listen and to take that leap
  • to take up space, to stand taller, prouder, freer and more alive  
  • to lead from the heart, with love and courage rather than fear, shame, overwhelm and doubt
  • to reconnect with who you really are, what lights YOU up
  • to unfold, unfurl and become so much more than you are letting yourself be


And to feel supported, held, seen, heard, loved and nurtured while you do it. 


"Emma reached into my head & my heart and helped me understand I matter. I deserve to do and be what and how I truly want. I own my own joy now."


- Sarah, beautiful working mummy & student


The time for playing small, adhering to the old stories (our own and those foisted upon us) is well and truly over now. 


If the last year or so has taught us anything at all, it's that it's time to break from the status quo. 

To let go of shame, the guilt, the rules, the should's and the should nots, the I can’ts and I have tos. Let it all go now.

Because we need a change.

And fully empowered and impassioned mothers are going to be the ones to lead it. 

To break the cycles and the patterns and dream into being a future fit for the next generation we're raising.

Not one where everybody just trudges along in the same old same old, doing as they're told... but one where our children get to be their own independent thinkers, makers and leaders ready to carve out their own unique paths in this world...


...Having watched us do it first.

"Working with Emma was one of the best investments I've  ever made... it has helped me remember who I was before.


My work with Emma has left me feeling empowered & successful and I am SO glad I chose to invest in myself." 


- Vanessa, wonderful expat mummy of 2 under 2 (one of whom is adopted)

Your Investment

You have two options for your BECOME journey:


Book in a call with me before 9pm on Sunday evening (12th December) & you will receive a £400 discount off the below pricing.

Join the Circle

Early Bird investment: £3,996 (or £3,596 before 9pm Sunday 12th)

To include all weekly gatherings (with breaks for school holidays); content; whatsapp; bonuses.

installment plans available:

12 installments of £350

14 installments of £300


OR when you apply by 9pm Sunday 12th:

12 installments of £317

14 installments of £272


Rising to £4,666 after 9pm December 15th.


Total value : £19,799



Your investment: £6,666 (or £6,166 before 9pm Sunday 12th)

As per Circle plus additional Conscious Curation Session upfront & 60 mins 1:1 calls with Emma per month

installment plans available:

12 installments of £584

14 installments of £500


OR when you apply by 9pm Sunday 12th:

 12 installments of £529

14 installments of £454


Rising to £7,777 after 9pm December 15th


Total value : £22,699



The first three participants to invest in full will have access to an exclusive 2.5 hour intensive with me.

Access to community areas, bonuses & VIP 1:1 access: Immediate


Opening Ceremony:

January 2022, date to be confirmed.


BECOME Is Perfect For You If...


You're lost

You’re a mother who feels like you’ve lost yourself in the midst of the hustle and bustle… but you’re ready to reclaim your sovereignty


You need space to explore

You can feel a creative spark within you of something that’s trying to come out, and you want to give yourself space and time to explore it 


You're ready to do things your own way

You’re willing to get outside of your comfort zone in order to shed the conditioning and stories that society has put on us and do things your own way, to break the cycles and patterns present in your family rather than continue to pass them further down the line to your children


You're intrigued

You’re curious about (or already immersed in!) spiritual arts and practices like meditation, moon cycles, archetypes and astrology


You're ready to benefit

You’re excited about the prospect of partnering with other women to create a new paradigm of sovereign motherhood for the benefit of your Self, your families, and society 

BECOME Is NOT For You If...


You are happy to stay in martyrdom


You aren't willing to do the inner work


You're not ready to commit this time, energy & money in your personal growth


You have no aspirations to improve your life or your lot


You are happy to continue self sacrificing for other people

So if you’re ready to finally say yes to an uncaged, exuberant, INSPIRING life…

Unleash the creativity, passion and purpose that you KNOW is within you…

Come out from the mound of motherly obligations, societal pressures, and people-pleasing that is keeping you stuck and small...

And BECOME the woman you were always meant to be…


I can’t wait to see who you BECOME.